Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Samsung Galaxy Note II Overview

Are you a phone enthusiast?

So, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is out, the iPhone 5 is out, guess what’s coming out next? I’m not surprised, a year ago; the Samsung Galaxy Note was introduced, being a great hit in all Electronic Markets all over the world. In just two months time, the Samsung Galaxy Note II will be released in America. So soon? Maybe.

Like any other phone, the Galaxy Note II will be thinner, but bigger too? Now that’s new. From a 5.3-inch screen to a 5.5-inch screen, this phone is almost as big as a Tablet. With a 1280 * 720 resolution screen, it will definitely take your breath away.

 The most modified and important change is the stylus. That stylus you have seen in the Samsung Galaxy Note is pretty much the same as the one that is to come with the Samsung Galaxy Note II except for its final touches. Designed to be even more precise than the ones that you would normally use with a tablet, this stylus is thicker and has a more rectangular shape so that when placed, it does not roll on the table or desk. You know what’s even better?  Ever imagined a device that alerts you if you have left your stylus behind somewhere? This is one!

And of course like any new phone that is released, the Galaxy Note II has two cameras, with a front camera of 1.9 megapixel and a back camera of 8 megapixel.

No one ever said that a phone doesn’t have its ups and downs. An issue with this phone would be that it transfers the navigation to the buttons below the screen. Even though you will feel stuck sometimes, it is easy to get used to. An even bigger problem is that Samsung tries to add so many useful features to the phone; however, it ends up having too many that they become useless. But, who cares, it’s still a Samsung Galaxy Note anyway! 
I will leave the rest up to you! Soon we will get to see what the end result will turn out to be


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