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The Best Ways to Cure or Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms

The Best Ways to Cure or Relieve Hay Fever Symptoms


This one may seem strange as one would presume, quite rightly, that honey would contain pollen. A study showed however that those with pollen sensitivity were not affected by the consumption of honey. Therefore something was nullifying the effects.

Verdict: Experts suggest it’s well worth trying


Although the results of this study are a few years old nettle extract did produce good results. It can be found in pill form in health food shops though I would imagine fresh nettle tea or indeed steamed nettles would provide a better and cheaper source. The principal is that it provides a noticeable improvement in the bodies defence and immune system
Verdict: Worth giving a go but not proven


This one may seem a little dubious to many sceptics. I am a sceptic by nature but also a great believer in the power of the mind over the body. The claim that it helps is backed up by a 2 year study.
A group of sufferers were split in two with one lot shown the self hypnotism techniques and the other carried on using their normal remedies. Those who used the hypnosis showed considerable improvements over those who did not
Verdict: Seek proper advice and do such things carefully


This may seem pretty obvious in the first sense of avoiding fields of crops but one way is to use a product such as Vaseline around the nose. This has proven to be very effective indeed. Also ensure household pets such as cats and dogs are washed thoroughly if they’ve been out in high pollen areas, this too can make a big difference
Verdict: Highly effective, cheap and very easy


This is an extract taken from hot chillies and is proving to work well according to testing, also helps with other problems as well. It is administered in spray form usually and under medical supervision. As to whether it can be self-administered, or it is advisable to do so I cannot say
Verdict: Gets good results but consult your doctor


This is a herbal remedy and an extract from the, wait for it, butterbur plant. It is already present in quite a few herbal remedies already and several independent tests have produced solid results. As always with herbal remedies the medical advice is to check with your doctor especially if you are already on some form of medication
Verdict: Seems to show real promise


This method of relieving hay fever symptoms is a little more controversial, as are all claims involving acupuncture in general. Some believe it does help but extensive testing in the area have not provided consistent evidence of any benefit to the sufferer. When taken in conjunction with Chinese herbal remedies however they did record some positive results. A sceptic might say that the herbal remedy did the job !
Verdict: Possibly not the first one to put on your list


This is all down to a chemical called quercetin. It is present in many foods but onions do have particularly high levels. Quercetin can help ward off some of the symptoms such as streaming eyes (ironic I know) and a running nose. As there are also numerous other benefits to eating onions it’s hard to go wrong
Verdict: Cheap, convenient and beneficial in others ways - highly recommended


Antihistamines are the most common medication taken for this and other allergies. The can be bought both over the counter or via a doctor’s prescription. The trials show good results but the downside tends to be drowsiness and lethargy.
Verdict: Effective but use under medical advice or guidance


This is not yet widely available and works on the vaccination principal, that is to say giving the patient that from which they suffer. In this case injections of pollen designed to boost the bodies immune system against pollen. Trials are now being done with an oral alternative.
Verdict: Too early to tell, consult your doctor as to availability

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