Saturday, October 6, 2012

Top 10 cities with the worst taxi driver

Whooppp....the top 10 cities with the worst taxi drivers. Maybe not all of the taxi but most of tourist reported that...

Whooppp  1 - KUALA LUMPUR
knowing for overcharging clients,devouring and refusing to charge by meter

Whooppp 2  - ROME
Cars are scarce and the drivers are often rude and difficult to deal with

Whooppp 3 - BANGKOK
Many drivers say they do not know the way. Some travellers expect that they get lost on purpose

Whooppp 4 - PARIS
Parisian drivers are known for being rude and difficult at times.

Whooppp 5 - NEW YORK
Drivers regarded for being cost effective and friendly, but many do not actually know the area.

Whooppp 6 - MUMBAI
Drivers will jostle for fares and safety is an issue. Many old cars don't have seatbelts.

Whooppp 7 - ZURICH
English is not always spoken and Zurich Minicabs are often quite expensive.

Whooppp  8 - CAIRO
Drivers are known for stalking people to get more business.

Whooppp  9 - SHANGHAI
Have your destination written Down on paper in Chinese, or you may never find the destination

whooppp 10 - MOSCOW
Hard to find vehicles in some areas of Moscow. Many illegal cars try to get passengers.

Maybe before you go visiting these county take for precautions.

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