Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Renoma Underwear For Sport Guy

Renoma underwear is comfortable underwear for men who like contemporary and fashionable styles in underwear. This company makes a variety of brief and bikini styles for men. They also make athletic supporters and items for the male athlete. There are hip hugged briefs and other kinds of underwear in bright colors of red, orange, blue, and black in prints and many other brief styles in solid colors. Most kinds are made of cotton that is cool and comfortable.

White cotton briefs have been updated and made into contemporary styles by Renoma underwear. The trunk style sits below the waist on the hips, and it has a thick elastic waistband with the Renoma name in the front middle. There is a pouch in the front and comfortable cotton band legs that stay in place. Although this trunk style brief is sold in white, it is also available in other colors such as black, dark green, blue, and navy blue. It is sold in sizes of small, medium, large, extra-large, and extra extra-large.
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Renoma underwear is made in another style called a Contour style. It is a cross between a bikini and brief that has a contrasting color waistband. There is also stitching down the middle of the front pouch and on either side of it in contrasting color. The waistband has the brand name on it for a designer look. This style is sold in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The colors that it is available in are maroon, navy blue, ocean blue, grey, orange, dark green, black, and white.

The Contour style is also made in a trunk that is longer and extends down to the top of the thigh. This Renoma underwear also has a contrasting color waistband in elastic with the Renoma name on it. It is 95% combed cotton and is available in the same colors as the shorter style, and it is made in the same sizes and colors.

The male who wants to avoid an underwear line that could be seen with his jeans on may want to try the Renoma underwear Invisible style. It is made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane, and it is very comfortable and will hug the body and not slide down or around. It is a trunk style that is made in small, medium, large, and extra-large sizes. The colors available are black, white, navy blue, or orange.

There is also a three-pack of Renoma underwear that is a mini style. It is made of microfiber that dries quickly and is very breathable. Moisture is wicked away from the body to keep you dry and cool. These mini boxer briefs are machine washable, and they are comfortable to wear during any workout or exercise session. The colors in this style are a mixture of the popular colors made by Renoma underwear.

Renoma underwear is also known for its comfortable jock straps. They are just right for athletic wear because they provide support to the male anatomy while the man is moving about playing soccer, tennis, or another sport.

It is possible to buy Renoma underwear online because it cannot always be found locally in stores. One website has Renoma underwear for sale that is brand new, but it is sent directly from Malaysia and other countries in the East. It is unworn and in packages with tags on it. The briefs are trunk style, and are made of 90% cotton.

Renoma underwear is designer underwear that is worn around the world. It is sometimes very stylish to have the waistband with the Renoma logo above the waistband of the jeans. It is popular and more readily available in Malaysia, China, Japan, and Asian countries, but those who live anywhere else can buy it online and have it shipped to their door.


  1. Yeah, would be great to know where we can get these online, as the link above doesn't seem to work anymore

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