Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Improtant Galaxy SIII User Tips

Customize the lock screen
 if you want to get quick access to favorite applications and widgets, then you can do to customize lock-screen.can put shortcuts of applications and widgets that often you go, the camera also.
But before you need to disable lock (PIN, pattern, face unlock, etc..) So that the following features you can access. Quite a dilemma if you sacrifice security to get more features than the Galaxy S III. But do not worry because Android has a lot of security options to double the Galaxy S III.
To customize settings, go to Settings> Security> Lock Screen Options. Then select the items you want displayed on the lock-screen. You can also change the app shortcuts by tapping on the 'Shortcut' Options settings in the Lock Screen.

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Hide unwanted bloatware

 just as a computer; Galaxy S III also releases a lot of applications and services built from Samsung. Since it has been installed at the factory then you can not uninstall the application but you can easily remove / hide it.
To disable the bloatware app, search the related app drawer. Tap and hold, then drag to the 'App Info.' Then tap 'Disable' the application will disappear from the app drawer. Repeat this process for all the applications you want to hide.
If you want to restore the application that you hide it, just go to Settings> Application manager. Applications you want and then tap 'Enable.'
Learn the basic S Voice
 Galaxy S III has a voice that S is a form of voice services assistant to help you look for / ask a variety of things. By asking questions / commands through voice, you will receive answers to a variety of things such as directions, check weather, writing emails, etc.
The key to using S Voice is to make him understand what you're asking. Double-tap the home button to S Voice and say 'What can I say?' Will display a series of commands on the screen Galaxy S III.
Another setting that is not less important is the 'Wake up command.' In turn, you may be asking for help S Voice at any time. But please note that your continued features, battery Galaxy S III will also depleted.
Limit the use of data

 if you are using a limited data plan, then you should continue to monitor the use of the data using a data-monitoring tool that has been installed in the Galaxy S III. Go to Settings> Data Usage.
First, please select the box next to 'Set mobile data limit.' Next, enter the billing cycle. If you are unsure, you can check your bill or contact the service provider. The next tap and drag the red line to limit the data set. Use the orange line to determine whether the phone will tell you about the use of data.
In addition, you can also manually check the data usage at any time using the same tool.
Make a custom vibration alerts

 in the past you can create MIDI ringtones using a Nokia mobile phone. Now you too can do the same by making a vibrating tone in the Galaxy S III.
Go to Settings> Sounds and tap on the 'Device vibration.' At the bottom, tab'Create. 'Then you can make vibrate as you see fit. You can start thinking about what vibration pattern that you want to make, and then tap in the middle of to start recording. You can tap and hold to make action of long duration or, tap quickly if you want to make a brief vibration alert.
When finished, press 'Save' and set the tone for the new vibrating alert default.
- To show the battery percentage in the top bar, go to Settings> Display and check the 'Display battery percentage.'
- You can also tweak the keyboard with more options on how to open the Settings> Language and Input. Tap the gear icon next to the 'Samsung keyboard.' Then you can do things like turn off the T9 Trace, disable / enable the sound / vibration on tap key, etc..
Good luck

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