Wednesday, November 7, 2012

8 Tips to Skin Care during Winter

8 tips to care of your skin in winter:

Come winter and all you see is dry, flaky and withered skin all over. While we are enjoying (rather complaining about) a hot summer here, many of our readers are already facing the unwanted winter. There are so many products out in the market that promise to help you get rid of it,

but in reality if we were to take just basic level care of the skin, we wont really need to spend a bomb on these cosmetic aids. Here are a few simple and easy tips to keep your skin fresh and glowing during the winter season or even during a cold day.

1. Exfoliate and exfoliate:

Basic skin care starts with this basic step. Exfoliation involves removal of the dead cell layer of the skin and helps reach the moisturiser to the actual pores. Removal of these dead cells or exfoliation can be done best in the shower with the help of sugar/salt mixed with body oil or a good body scrub. It helps circulation as well, leaving a healthy pink colour to the skin.

2. Moisturise

Winter winds take away all the natural moisture of the skin and make it look dry and chapped all over. So, it is important to re-hydrate the skin and make up for all the lost moisture as well as protect from losing more. A layer of moisturiser helps and prevents. Apply right after bath, when the skin is still damp.

3. Winter specific lotion

Use different lotions for winter season. Most people believe there is practically no difference between the summer and the winter lotions, but for winters the lotion must be oil based, thick and creamy as opposed to the light water based summer one.

4. Overnight Skin care

The skin needs time to hydrate and the best time to do so, would be overnight. Take a nice hot shower before sleeping and apply layers of moisturiser all over generously, while the skin is still damp. Do wear night stockings for those perfectly smooth legs and feet.

5. Humidity

The dry wind outdoors is what leaves you with a chapped skin. While it is tough to alter the wind, the home temperature can be regulated such that instead of the dry warm air within home, humidifiers are put to use to keep the air within aptly moisturised, protecting the skin.

6. Regulate Bath Temperature

All of us love the steaming hot showers in the season of chill. But then, steaming hot water has bad effects on the skin, leaving it even drier, chapped and even withered in extreme cases. So, its always better to go for lukewarm water else cut down the time under that sizzling shower to just about 5 minutes, as the heat robs the skin of its natural oils. After bath moisturise well.

7. Sunscreen

The popular notion is that sunscreens and blocks are meant only for the summer. But, even the winter sun, which most of love to soak up, is pretty damaging for the skin. The ultraviolet (UV) rays causing skin cancers are even potentially damaging in winters. So apply that sunscreen lotion in winters as well.

8. Water, drink, lots of it

Last and not the least, the oft repeated tip, but the most important, drink a lot of water to keep that skin healthy, hydrated and toxin free.
Following these basic tips would ensure a soft, supple, glowing and healthy skin for not only winters but also all seasons!

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