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Types of Men's Underwear

This is just a guide before you buy or wear underwear. There are several factors that you need to know. Do not just wear download only. Among the factors that you should know before buying is, the design is beautiful, comfortable waist and the microfiber material that removes the moisture, fit to work, work up to until the end for bedroom attire. Or rather for men who wants to improve them-self.

The question for buying the underwear, many men who take this without seriousness and ignorant. They are comprised of professionals who wears the same type of underwear over and over, until It worn and full of holes. The reason usually given ...
is, we can wear it again, It's very comfortable when wear underwear and so on. There are many different brands we see in supermarkets now ni - Calvin Klein, Renoma,  Private Structure, Bum, Body Glove, Soda, skinwear, Jockey, SockCock, Timoteo, etc

Men in general are very fond to upgrade items and clothing. So why not underwear restructure (restock for a new one). People say if It beautiful outside, it's pretty sure if in it, more accurately what is under it. But keep in mind, do not be lazy by leaving it unwashed for months because it will cause irritation on the skin.

Types of Men's Underwear


Almost all men will have this brief type underwear. For women, they treat men's underwear briefs kind of very sexy and classic. Often they are attracted to men who wear briefs especially strong bodied and muscular type of men... this kind of underwear suitable to those who were active in sports, extreme activities and also to be worn to the office together with pants.


Boxer shorts form men indicated that he would love a loose attire with a specific pattern. Boxer suitable for them who wants freedom. Boxer short is more loose and comfortable to wear when the weather conditions that are humid like Asian, to reduce the itching in the private parts, easily removable and can be used as underwear and before bed (easy, no need to change pants).

Boxer are not appropriate to be worn by the office attire. Any reason such as slack pants, later will reveal the structure of the inner fibrous Boxer at the lower bottom hips, so be careful when choosing boxer..

more info to read : boxer or boxer brief underwear tips

Boxer Brief.

Boxer briefs is tighter as the underwear Briefs. It's for comfort and covered the whole middle between waist and hips. Simple visualization of commonly used fabric boxer brief are much thicker and easily stretch like soft cotton, polyester and others. Boxer brief are also suitable for active person like sports, rock climbing, for gifts or even for the office ...

Nowadays Underwear

Nowadays, there are innovations and changes to meet this fashion underwear. This suits for naughty man or metroseksual men. Some may want to try. But consider comfort if you wear it because there are all sorts of fashions, vast of fabrics other than cotton. I proposed the type of underwear material using 5% spandex and 95% cotton - it is said to be more durable and comfortable in a humid temperature country in South east Asians, like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand etc

Tangga brief / bikini for men

Lower waist underwear for lower waist pants / jeans


 G-String for men


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