Thursday, December 13, 2012

36 Characteristics of Men

Men, you probably want to know a bit of info guys. Here are some features of male

  1. Men are usually not attracted to women because they are beautiful, but they are more easily attracted to someone's personality and appearance.
  2. Men hated other men trying to seduce their lovers. What are you doing? or you had your lunch yet? is the most frequent questions will be asked when they called a woman.
  3. Men are busy with their work throughout the day, but before going to bed, they would think about the women they truly love.
  4. When a man really love to a woman, they will ignore all the negative character in the woman said.
  5. Men will make a thousand a conclusion if a woman smile at them.
  6. Men are willing to do anything to get the attention of a woman.
  7. Men really hate when women tell about their ex-boyfriend story.
  8. A man able to love women for a minute, then keep forgetting them.
  9. When a man willing to see your beloved parents, this indicates that they are really serious.
  10. Men even cried
  11. Men are more for women vied jilt them, this is because they are difficult to accept defeat. 
  12. Do not give them the hangs message like "There's something i want to tell you this .... erm ... but". They will make a thousand and one assumption and will try to get an answer.
  13. Men will be thrilled to unexpected touch.
  14. Men will be stutter when talking to women they love.
  15. When the woman expressed no liver, men will say 'ok .... ok .... try again tomorrow .. 
  16. Men are very dear to his mother
  17. Men are willing to sacrifice their lunch simply want to give women some roses.
  18. Men are very difficult to understand unless you are a loyal listener.
  19. It is better you test a guy first before believing. But, make sure it does not take too long
  20. Men are more open to telling their personal affairs.
  21. Men very like it when women define their application.
  22. Men do not like their lover has a relationship with others, especially male friends.
  23. When men buy gifts for women, they are very worried that the gifts they give are not favored.
  24. More men think. Read more : Hair care for men
  25. Male imagination there is no limit. They are able to imagine anything.
  26. Female height is not important, what is more important is their weight.
  27. Difficult for men to give their lovers, especially when they are making love for more than 3 years
  28. Men do not like women who are materialistic.
  29. Men have a strong will to change and they need support from their lover.
  30. When a man tells something serious, give full attention. It is very important.
  31. Men prefer women who can cook
  32. Do not be arrogant, because it will make men trying to embarrass you.
  33. Men learn about love through experience, not as a woman who learns about love through the novel they are reading.
  34. Most men do not like their boyfriend to go out with other men even though both their relationship just friend
  35. Men will forgive the first offense is made, but not for a second offense.
  36. Men do not like women that are excessively simulating. read more : boxer underwear tips for men


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