Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Conserve Battery Tips

Ways to save battery android

1. Use headphoneswhen listening to music because it willsave more energy than using the default speaker device.
S3 back plate
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 2. If you do notneed Internet access, better turn off the wi-fi connectivityon or off the data network.

3. Turn off the GPS, Bluetooth, and the entire wireless access device to not spend theenergy to find a signal.

4. Synchronize the data manually.

5. See which applications are consuming the most energy. That way you can control the use of the application.

6. Close the applicationthat is not used because of its multifunctional be the deciding factor device runs out of energy.

7. Do the lightingsettings on the device screen.

8. Turn off or set the device into airplane mode whenyou are in areas without signal.

9. Frequent refilling. Battery will not be easily damaged if you do it as often as possible.

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