Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Reason Why a Successful Android

Fall of RIM

previously, the BlackBerry made by Research in Motion (RIM) have become popular smartphone. But lately, his fame has dropped dramatically. According to IDC, BlackBerry's market share is currently only about 6%. Fall of the RIM BlackBerry Android champion automatically make the other one less.

Interest Enterprise

lately, more and more companies have a policy of freeing their employees to use the handset own choice. Before, usually a specific handset selected or provided by the company. And it turns out, quite a lot of employees or business people who use Android devices as a working facility.

Microsoft still sucks

Microsoft as one of the major technology players is predicted able to provide significant resistance to the OS Windows Phone. Moreover they get strong support from Nokia. But apparently still take a long time before it happens. According to IDC, the market share of new Windows Phone is currently in the range of 5.2% so it can not be regarded as equal opponents.

Little Apple Sells Products

IOS operating system as the most serious competitor of Android is only available in very few products. Apple as the manufacturer's new product release only about once a year. For example, 4S iPhone that came out about a year after the iPhone 4. According to analysts, Apple is expanding its product line if they are better able to compete with Android. IPhone 4S have sold about 30 million units last quarter.

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Major vendor support is still strong

many big-name vendor support Android until now. Some even make it as main OS on mobile devices production. This support is considered to be one crucial factor why Android still continues to thrive. If they do not support Android, could be a green robot OS is not cool now.

Google factor

Google as agiant technology company behind the creation of Android would make consumers and developers to be sure. Android as a product created by Google is certainly not made in vain. Google also factors that might make the big vendors do not hesitate to adopt Android.

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Support the application

currently; many applications are made specifically for Android. Reportedly, the number of applications on Google's Play is in the range of hundreds of thousands of units, rivaling Apple's App Store. And quite a lot of applications into quality categories. It is also the main attraction of consumers when deciding on Android devices.

Abundant product

The abundance of products on the market Android contribute to this green robot OS position as the most popular in the world. Just look, so many Android handsets sold with a variety of shapes and specifications. Flushing a lot of products is one of much strategy to seize market share. One more note, the product must also be sold. Android has two such combinations so successful.

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